Event’s Values:

  1. Sharing the beginning of a democratic society, respectful communication and joint decision-making;
  2. Respect and acceptance of human rights and freedoms;
  3. Desire to strengthen civil society;
  4. Respect for the principles of diversity, equality, and equity, rejection of discrimination or violence;
  5. Openness to new experience, knowledge, experiments;
  6. Interest in science, natural thinking, the likelihood and possibility of using technology;
  7. Empathy and respect for others.
  8. Our position on Ukraine;

Rules of Conduct at the Internet Without Borders Conference

  1. By registering for the Internet Without Borders conference, the participant accepts these rules.
  2. The rules apply to all organizational actions (online and offline) related to the event, from the moment of registration until the official end of the conference.
  3. The rules apply not only to participants but also to organizers, speakers, and mentors.
  4. The Internet Without Borders Conference is a safe space that respects freedom of identity and expression.
  5. Words and actions directed against the values ​​of the event, carried out during the period of these rules, will be perceived by the organizers as a violation of these rules and may serve as a basis for refusal to participate in the conference and hackathon.
  6. Any form of communication with other conference participants should not humiliate others and should not contain hate speech. Hate speech is defined as a generalized designation of linguistic means of expressing a sharply negative attitude of “opponents” – carriers of a different system of religious, national, cultural, or more specific, subcultural values. This phenomenon can act as a manifestation of racism, xenophobia, ethnic hatred and intolerance, homophobia, as well as sexism, ageism, etc.
  7. The right to privacy of conference participants is the value of the event. It is prohibited to shoot and publish photos, videos or other personal data of IBG participants outside the event without their permission.
  8. Violations of the rules described in paragraphs 2 – 4 can be reported either directly to the organizers or to conduct@equalit.ie (letters are received by 4 eQ employees at the same time). Or via Skype +18638732841
  9. The conference organizers guarantee a fair examination of the complaint received and, if it is established that the complaint has a basis, a reaction in the form of sanctions against participants who violate these rules.
  10. The organizers guarantee the confidentiality of the complainants’ data.
  11. Actions in the form of revenge, retaliation and other similar actions as a response to complaints received from the participants of the conference are not allowed.
  12. In case of violation of these rules, the organizers reserve the right to refuse participation in the conference and hackathon.
  13. Before refusing to participate, the organizers must warn the participant at least once about the violation of the rules. The maximum number of warnings is at the discretion of the organizers.
  14. By filling out the registration form, the participant agrees to the collection, storage, processing and use of personal data. The organizers (a) use your data solely for the purpose of organizing the event, (b) do not transfer it to third parties, (c) store it for 1 year

Privacy Policy

This document describes the basic aspects of personal security for participants, speakers and partners attending the Internet Without Borders conference series in November 2022 – June 2023 in Paris, Haifa, Riga and other cities.

The conferences and hackathon focus on the sensitive topics of censorship, security, and disinformation. These events are focused on face-to-face communication, sharing experiences and working together. For security reasons, we do not broadcast the events. Individual presentations/speeches, with the speaker’s consent, may be recorded. 

Please note that the event is public, we have taken a number of measures to create a safer space, but we cannot guarantee absolute privacy and security.

Here are a few things that are important to consider when preparing for an event.

Personal safety

  1. This is an open event. Registration is available to everyone. The organizers check all applications for participation. Organizers may ask for identification at the entrance to the event venue or refuse participation at the registration stage.
  2. Conferences are held according to the principles of anonymity of discussions under the “Chatham House Rule” (Chatham House Rule). The “Chatham House” rule stipulates that participants in the discussion have the right to use the information they receive, but that neither the name nor the affiliation of the participant may be disclosed. The principle is intended to preserve the anonymity of speakers, and to encourage openness and information sharing.
  3. While attending the event and when communicating with other guests, you assume possible risks, because we cannot guarantee that all participants have registered under their real identities.
  4. To identify the participants of the conference badges will be provided, with an identifying symbol, possibly without a name.
  5. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry and/or participation to attendees if:
    1. They have provided misleading information about themselves
    2. Expressed an intention to violate the above rules or Code of Conduct
    3. Attempts to record and publish speeches or discussions or gather information about conference participants in violation of Chatham House rules and this security policy.


  1. No photos or videos are allowed at the conference.
  2. Personal data is collected through the registration form. They allow us to optimize the organization of the event. Data is strictly confidential and will be stored for 12 months on servers belonging to the company eQualitie. They are protected by Deflect technology. The data will be used to contact you by email or other contact information you provide in order to invite you to further Internet Without Borders events.