Internet Without Borders is a series of two-day conferences and hackathons where participants work together to find solutions to restore Internet freedoms.

Event organizers include eQualitie and Teplitsa with support from Free Press Unlimited and the Internet Defence Society, as well as international technology partners – AmneziaVPN, Lantern, Access Now, OONI and CENO.

The purpose of these events is to enrich our community of developers and activists, and develop new technologies and better strategies for restoring internet freedoms and protecting citizens from digital oppression and isolation. Our focus is on battling Russian government propaganda by enabling unfettered access to various information sources and restoring secure communications on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

You can read more about past conferences and hackathons we held in Tbilisi, Yerevan, Warsaw, Berlin, Vilnius, Paris, Haifa, Prague, Riga over the last 12 months. Also you may be interested to learn about our position regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine.


  • eQualitie creates decentralized internet services in support of a more equal and equitable network. Our solutions are open source, battle proven and developed in mind of our values. Everyday, they enable freedom of association for millions of people online.
  • Teplitsa. Technologies for Social Good is an independent educational and development project whose mission is to strengthen Russian civil society with the help of information technologies.
  • Free Press Unlimited is an international press freedom organisation that collaborates with over 300 local media partners in more than 50 countries. With them, we work on our mission to make independent news and information available to everyone.


  • CENO ( is a browser that uses the BitTorrent and Ouinet protocols to access blocked information. Tasks from CENO include: popularization of the browser among non-technical users (memes, video content, cards for social networks); improvement of the Ouinet protocol; development of the CENO plugin for Chrome and more.
  • OONI (Open Network Interference Laboratory) helps people around the world to measure and record the fact of site blocking, collects and analyzes data on censorship, and therefore allows you to better deal with it.
  • AmneziaVPN is a free service for creating a personal VPN on your server. Helps to access blocked content without exposing privacy even to VPN providers.
  • Lantern is a desktop and mobile software application that provides fast, reliable and secure access to blocked websites and applications while maintaining privacy.

Come to the hackathon, support projects against censorship and blocking!