The Internet Without Borders conference takes place during the war. It offers technical and social ambitions, predominantly of the Russian-speaking diaspora. We are in favor of unlimited access to the Internet as a means of combating political propaganda, for ensuring that citizens have a multitude of information flows. For Runet network users to see beyond what is allowed by the current definition. The Conference of the Organization, which welcomes all participants, including those from Russia and Ukraine, requires us to be clear about our position.

Our official position 

  1. The organizers of the conference are obviously on the side of Ukraine and wish victory for Ukraine, de-occupation of all temporarily occupied territories, restoration and reparations from Russia. The organizers see Ukraine as an equal member of the European family, the EU and NATO, as well as any other associations in which Ukraine decides to participate.
  2. The organizers share the interpretation of this war as imperial on the part of Russia, and the resistance of Ukraine as decolonial. The organizers are aware of the burden of the difficult centuries of relations between Russia and Ukraine, which Soviet and Russian propaganda tried to sell to everyone for brotherhood or friendship. Words about “fraternal peoples” both in this and in the political context, the organizers interpret as tools for the colonization of Ukraine and do not share them.
  3. The organizers are in no way trying to reduce the importance of supporting Ukraine in this war.
  4. Having said this, the organizers believe that the Internet is a cross-border, international network, it must remain free and open. It is in the struggle for this openness and against the “information occupation”, censorship, and digital tyranny that we stand. Now, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the Internet is suppressed and censored by the same people and with the help of the same tools as in Russia.
  5. The regime that suppressed the Russians, enslaved the Ukrainians, is afraid of freedom of information like fire. Free Internet helps both Ukraine and gives hope for changes in Russia.