1. Make a landing page with toolbox of blocking circumvention tools for the mobile game

eQualit.ie in partnership with “Perviy Otdel” develops a game for mobile devices about censorship and isolation of the Russian Internet. The game is inspired by Plague Inc. The player will be «on the dark side»: his  or her goal is to regulate the Russian Internet, invent new laws and technical measures to restrict online freedoms, and win over activists and civil society. 

When the player arrives at the end of the game, they should be redirected to a webpage with some instructions about circumvention tools. The message should be like — «you played as a dictator, but in fact you are a user, and all these blockings, that you made in the game, are directed against you. To get around them, use this toolkit». 

Challenge: Develop design and layout for this landing page, as well as its content.

Prize: $400

2. A game for activists about digital security 

Digital helpline NaSvyazi is an activist helpline that provides advice on digital security issues. 
Challenge: to develop a quiz game “How safe are you online”? That demonstrates threats that activists and lay users can face while working and communicating online. It can be an illustrated text-based game for a Telegram bot, or a browser-based game, or even a dedicated website. We expect you to help us develop the visual style for this game, and may be also help with the plot itself. 

Prize: $400

3. Help design a pdf leaflet / “samizdat” zine about “What to do in case of Cheburnet”

Freedoms of the RuNet are disappearing with a speed of light:  almost every month a new law or technical measure is introduced to control information on Russian networks, every day new domains are added in the blocklist. eQualit.ie wants to help people get ready to the arrival of the so-called “Cheburnet” (when RuNet will be isolated from the rest of the Global web). We have decided to develop a printable pdf document that will contain basic instructions, recommendations for tools and services.

Challenge: help develop the structure, the guidelines, tone of voice and visual style for this pdf. We want to take inspiration from the samizdat tradition, so some of the references may come from there. This pdf will be oriented at those who have stayed in Russia. It will contain recommendations about which VPNs are still working, how to circumvent censorship, how to protect yourself online, and may be also some research about connectivity and speed of the Internet online. It can also contain memes, short stories or other “infotainment”-like materials.
Prize: $400

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