1. Analyze the Roskomnadzor Leak

Teplitsa. Technologies for Social Good proposes to analyze the famous leaks of RKN-related data and find materials for a new story, that has not yet been published (see articles from Важные Истории, Медиазона, Настоящее Время, Агентство, центр Досье etc). There are hundreds of documents about emails, documents and so on. 

Deliverable: a draft for the story, with a perspective to make an article. The winner will have an opportunity to publish their story on the resources of Teplitsa as well as in our partner media. 

Prize: $400

2. Design a PDF Leaflet / “Samizdat” Zine About “What To Do in Case of Cheburnet”

Freedoms of the RuNet are disappearing with a speed of light:  almost every month a new law or technical measure is introduced to control information on Russian networks, every day new domains are added in the blocklist. eQualit.ie wants to help people get ready to the arrival of the so-called “Cheburnet” (when RuNet will be isolated from the rest of the Global web). We have decided to develop a printable pdf document that will contain basic instructions, recommendations for tools and services.

Challenge: help develop the structure, the guidelines, tone of voice and visual style for this pdf. We want to take inspiration from the samizdat tradition, so some of the references may come from there. This pdf will be oriented at those who have stayed in Russia. It will contain recommendations about which VPNs are still working, how to circumvent censorship, how to protect yourself online, and may be also some research about connectivity and speed of the Internet online. It can also contain memes, short stories or other “infotainment”-like materials.
Prize: $400

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