INTERNET WITHOUT BORDERS – a conference series and hackathon in defense of Internet freedoms

Help preserve unfettered access to the Internet as an outlet for independent thought, communication and self determination. The growing movement of people, organizations and technology solutions at our events continue to break through the Russian firewalls. Join us!

Hackathon Without Borders – total prize fund – 10,000$

Haifa, Israel. January 31st-February 2nd 2023

Why is it important?

Authoritarian regimes survive by controlling information and discourse through propaganda and censorship. The Internet is a final hurdle for enemies of free communications and independent thought. The result – networks replete with surveillance and censorship, affecting the rights of millions to freedom of expression and association. This has led to, among others things, widespread ignorance and ambivalence among Russians to their governments’ atrocities in Ukraine, the Caucasus and beyond. Now, the state threatens total disconnection from the global network – life behind a digital iron curtain.

Internet without borders –  it is breakthrough technologies, active community, development and launch of projects.

Conference Jan 31st-Feb 1st

We are talking about the problems of studying, measuring Internet censorship and countering blocking and isolation. The main goal is to increase the number of people using VPNs and other circumvention tools.

Hackaton Feb 2nd

Technology partners offer teams to solve problems related to bypassing locks and analyzing shutdowns. Teams that successfully complete tasks will receive cash prizes.

How to take part

You can participate in any format: conference only, hackathon, or both days. The event will take place offline, without online broadcasting. Participation is free. Come and invite your colleagues.

Topics for discussions, speeches and projects

Anti-censorship boot-camp

— Understanding censorship circumvention technologies
— Satellite, radio and mobile communications to leap the firewalls
— Censorship analysis as a tool for circumvention

Internet Freedom agitprop

— Outreach / advertising / messaging for discrediting propaganda
— Ensuring the online availability and accessibility of anti-war propaganda
— Protection of Internet freedoms

Information warfare

— Secure communications in adversary and isolated networks
— Technology improvements to defend Internet freedoms
— New paradigms for Public Campaigns

We are waiting for everyone who cares about free Internet without borders, wars and censorship

Organisers and partners of the conference

Теплица социальных технологий
Общество защиты интернета
Haifa anti-war group Svyaz

Supported by

New Node