April 28th-30th, 2023
Berlin, Germany
Forum Factory, Besselstraße 13-14, 10969 Berlin
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Digital Resistance Lab – Berlin

Join us for the ninth edition of the Internet Without Borders conference series, as we return to Berlin for a 3-day interactive platform and hackathon on strategies for combating Internet censorship and defending digital rights during wartime.

The “Digital Resistance Lab” provides a unique opportunity to connect with activists, technology experts, journalists, data analysts and researchers resisting the spread of Russian state propaganda and working to establish secure and continuous communications in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Berlin, April 28-30th-2023
Интернет без границ лого Берлин

Why Digital Resistance?

Authoritarian regimes survive by controlling information and discourse through propaganda and censorship. The Internet is a final hurdle for enemies of free communications and independent thought. The result – networks replete with surveillance and censorship, affecting the rights of millions to freedom of expression and association. This has led to, among others things, widespread ignorance and ambivalence among Russians to their governments’ atrocities in Ukraine, the Caucasus and beyond. Now, the state threatens total disconnection from the global network – life behind a digital iron curtain.

Since February 2022, eQualitie and Teplitsa have brought eight “Internet Without Borders” events to Tbilisi, Yerevan, Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Haifa and Prague. In April 2023 we are coming back to Berlin with a new format of the digital resistance lab – an interactive workshop-style event that takes place over an entire weekend. Our primary focus: Internet Freedom and Censorship Circumvention in Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine.

Apply to participate in this event with other talented activists, journalists, researchers, network engineers and software developers.

Main focus of the event

Internet Freedom and Censorship Circumvention on the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine

Friday, April 28th

Keynote speeches by representatives from eQualitie, Teplitsa, AccessNow, CivicLab, Internet Protection Society, and other organising partners. Hackathon challenges. Networking.

Saturday, April 29th

Brainstorming sessions for conference tracks: Censorship Research; Anti-censorship marketing, art, and education; Resistance tech; Circumvention tool-making.

Sunday, April 30th

Hackathon work. Presentation of progress on chosen challenges. Awards. Assessment, discussion and planning for next steps.

Интернет без границ лого Берлин
Creative Weekend at the Digital Resistance Lab

Join vibrant community of those who care about censorship circumvention, war resistance activism, censorship research, and VPN marketing

Organisers and partners of the conference

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