1. Develop a campaign plan

Vendor: Teplitsa. Technologies for Social Good

Develop a campaign plan and arguments against the thesis that “censorship does not interfere and is not dangerous.” How to respond to statements like “everything is normal for me, it’s ok with the video in VK, mail on Yandex, I don’t read the news”? How to increase sensitivity to the topic of censorship, especially among young people?

Prize $400

Prize + finalizing your ideas for the campaign with support of Teplitsa. Technologies for Social Good.

2. Develop documentation for the AmnesiaVPN client

Vendor: AmneziaVPN

You need to understand how AmneziaVPN works and compile detailed manuals with screenshots describing all the program’s functions for the product website.

Prize $200

3. Develop a quiz game

Vendor: На Связи (Nasvyazi)

Develop a “how secure are you online” quiz game that demonstrates the threats that activists and ordinary users may face. For the project На Связи (Nasvyazi).

На Связи (Nasvyazi) is a non-profit organization, a team of IT professionals who believe that the Internet should be free and safe. We help solve any digital security issues, from connecting a VPN to protecting your site from attacks.

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